I love the excitement and energy of helping small businesses get off the ground. Launching a business is surprisingly similar to launching the Space Shuttle.  Lots of preparation, incredible expenditure of energy to get off the ground, careful calculations to be sure you’re going the right direction, and then hopefully… the ability to eventually turn off the engines and coast for a while.

I help clients identify the right legal structure for their company based on their business model, investor goals, personnel structure, and tax considerations.  I also take care of all of the required state and Federal filings once the proper legal structure is identified.

Other items to consider at launch are preparation of customer/client contracts, review of vendor agreements (see how I do that here), drafting shareholder or operating agreements, employment agreements, reviewing leases, and website terms and conditions.

For qualifying start-ups, I am happy to look for mutually beneficial payment structures for businesses just getting off the ground.

Feel free to e-mail or call me any time with questions.