I founded Voigt Business Law because I saw a gap in the legal profession.  Small business adapts to the needs of its clients and is in a constant state of change.  But the legal industry doesn’t.  In an online age, people were still required to take a day off to meet with their lawyer.  Offices were still filled with stacks of paper.  Invoicing was still sent by surface mail, and no one was offering cash flow solutions for their clients.

I saw that it was time for the legal industry to adapt to the needs of modern small business.

I designed a firm that looked a lot like the small businesses that I represent:

  • Mobile.  I’m just as happy coming to your office as having you come to mine.
  • Flexible.  I offer payment options for start-ups, over time, or on-time discounts.
  • Online.  Your file, or any document in it, is always just a click away.
  • Responsive.  Calls/emails returned same day, or next business morning.
  • Efficient.  Almost zero overhead allows me to offer my services efficiently.
  • Experienced.  20 years business experience, plus 12 years legal.
  • Focused.  I do transactional work for small businesses only.

My greatest joy is combining my business and legal experience to help my clients thrive.  Whether you are looking to launch, grow or exit, I am happy to meet with you to see how we might work together to pursue your goals.

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