Small business is in a constant state of change and adapts to the needs of its clients.  But the legal industry doesn’t.  People still take a day off to meet with their lawyer.  Offices are filled with stacks disorganized paper.  Clients are more thankful for the chance to meet their lawyer than the lawyer is thankful for their business.  I had to walk away from the traditional practice of law and do things by own way.

I saw that it was time for the legal industry to adapt to the needs of modern small business.

I designed a small firm that looks a lot like the small businesses I represent:

  • Mobile.  You’re busy.  I’ll come to you.
  • Online.  Stacks of paper are inefficient, wasteful, and disorganized.  We are 100% online, giving you access to your file with just the click of the mouse.
  • Responsive.  Calls/emails returned same day or next business morning.
  • Efficient.  We’ve removed all the fluff and expense of traditional law offices allowing me to offer my services efficiently.
  • Experienced.  20 years business experience plus another 13 years legal.
  • Focused.  I do transactional work only.  No distractions.  I hand-pick co-counsel for areas of law that I do not handle.

My greatest joy is combining my business and legal experience to help my clients thrive.  Whether you are looking to launch, grow, or exit I am happy to meet with you to see how we might work together so that I can help you pursue your goals.

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